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Riot update-Senior GSD mix


Riot and I are back again. He just had his second PT session, and second round of chemo today. I can only take so much time off, so I needed to consolidate appointments. He did great at both. He’s becoming a favorite at both places. He’s been such an amazing trooper through this whole mess.

We have his first scans since the amputation in three weeks. I’m crossing my fingers that they’re still clear.  Thank you all again for your support. I met a greyhound at Tufts who was about a year post amp from osteo. He had mets now, but was still stable, and happy.

Riot has surgery next week to remove his benign eye tumor. I’m stressed, but it should be less than an hour under anesthesia, and home a few hours after. The real hard part is 10 days in a cone.

6 thoughts on “Riot update-Senior GSD mix”

  1. He looks great, such a handsome boy! So happy to hear that he’s doing well with the PT & chemo. Roane and I will be thinking about him next week and sending love and positve thoughts for a quick and easy eye surgery. ❤
    ❤ Bev, Roane & nurse Moe

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad to see that Roane has really come through the few two weeks so well. I’ll keep everyone posted.

  2. You gorgeous boy! Thanks for giving me a Riot Fix for today. I’m so glad things are going great. You are knocking down those recovery days and make it look easy!

    Keep on hoppin my friend.

    1. I’m glad I can share him. He’s a handsome guy, that’s for sure. He’s doing the same totally exhausted recovery as last time. We were able to get a bit of tuna down him yesterday, and a couple small treats. He’s not feeling eating anything today yet. I’ll try once I’m home from work. He was able to go for a quick walk, so that’s progress. Hopefully I can get a bit of actual food down him tonight. I don’t want him going into surgery any weaker than he will already be with chemo.

  3. Awww Riot, I just love looking at pictures of your handsome happy self.😊
    Sorry the chemo wipes you out for a day or so. -☆And then having to have the PT the same day, yeah, that can add an extra layer of tiredness. As far as not eating much, I know you’re holding out for extra yummy food! Such a smart boy!

    Always sending tens of pawsitive energy to Mr Riot, especially next week. Now, if he doesn’t seem back to his chipper self next week, if you have to, you could still delay the eye surgery for a bit…IF you have to.
    Extra hugs!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    1. He’s still not really eating. A few treat pieces this morning, but that’s it. Nothing yesterday. I’m making meatloaf for him tonight. He’s just so tired. I won’t be doing the PT on the same day anymore. I’ll do a few days before chemo. We can’t delay the surgery. The vet that does the laser procedure I want books up fast. It’s definitely a bother to him. Thankfully he still gets outside fine, and he’s drinking normally. I’ll make sure to update after the surgery.

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