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Riot at a glance

I got Riot at 10 weeks when I lived in WA state. We live in MA now. He turned 12 in March.  He’s led a mostly healthy life, and got a brother when he was almost 4. He lost his leg to osteosarcoma the day it was diagnosed, due to a broken leg.

8 thoughts on “Riot at a glance”

  1. Yay! You got the blog going!! What a gorgeous pup, he is so handsome ❤
    Glad he is finally eating for you 👍🤗😁
    Jackie and Huck❤

    1. Me too! Thank you. He’s such a good dog. Handsome too. I have a better photo posted in what I though was the about section. No idea where it went.

  2. I am in LOVE with Riot! Oh my gosh if you haven’t guessed, we are total sucker for GSD pointy-eared doggies. Riot is so handsome.

    Thanks for starting a blog! We cannot wait to learn all about your journey and your superstar Tripawd. How did you end up in MA? That’s a crazy switch!

    Smooches to your boy, hope you’re having a nice weekend.

    1. Thank you! I hope you are as well.
      Yep, I love his ears too. His brother has floppy ears, and his are great in a different way.
      I actually started in MA. I grew up here. I wanted to meet new people, so I moved as far as I could. When the 2008 crash happened the year I graduated, we came back.

      1. Hi, I was a member of the group, I’m not sure if I am anymore. I’m going through a really hard time in my life right now and it’s hard for me to even talk about what happened to my sweet Adore. She also had a broken leg and the same kind of cancer Riot had. We had her leg amputated and she will be going on her 3 rd chemo treatment. Everything has gone great. Bloodwork every week, chest X-rays after every 3 chemos. The oncologist says she’s doing great, but I’m worried because she’s still not walking on her back leg very well. Her story is a long one and I won’t get into all of it, I just wanted to know how your dog is getting around on his back leg. I’m so sorry for you and for all of us that have had to go through this terrible ordeal. I still cry almost everyday.

        1. I’m sorry sorry she’s having a hard time. Riot is doing great. He had a very rough start, but has been making gains almost every day. He has some steps back, but mostly positive.
          His other back leg is getting stronger. We just started PT yesterday. I would definitely do that. They have a lot of ways to get tripods walking better.
          Riot is 99 pounds and 12 years old, so he’s going to take longer than a younger dog to relearn life.

          1. Don’t know if Tina is still checking in, but would love to know how things are going. Andnyes, ditto Riot…try and get an appointment with a Rehabilitation Specialist. They can do wonders when it comes to improving mobility!!
            Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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